About Rhein Essentials

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For 30 years, Rhein has earned a world-wide reputation as a premium provider of high quality ophthalmic surgical instrumentation. Utilizing the techniques of master craftsmen in the United States and Europe, Rhein's quality standards are embedded into its very culture.

Like all medical specialties, anterior segment surgery has undergone a transformation influenced by changing technology, shifts in insurance and reimbursement patters, and the continued transition of surgical procedures from the hospital to the ASC. These changes impact the economics of a surgical practice. ASCs are seeking to maximize value in all functions, including surgical instrumentation.

After eight years of investigation, partnership, and pilot programs, we are pleased to introduce Rhein Essentials, a selection of core anterior segment surgical instruments at an economical price. Manufactured in China utilizing Rhein's quality standards, these instruments are designed to meet the functional and economic demands of the ASC.

We invite you to review this selection of competitively priced instruments for the ASC.